Comprehensive Outpatient

 Rehabilitation Facility


A "CORF" brings together

a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists

to evaluate and treat client-patients

under the direction of their doctor

to facilitate rehabilitation and maximize quality of life.


As a physician, you look beyond the common approaches to provide quality care. So do we. When primary care is combined with specialized knowledge, the result is a multidisciplinary therapy and a rehabilitation approach that will allow your patients’ return to their optimal state of function.

Services include:  
  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Medical Social Work

  • Respiratory Therapy 

  • Occupational Therapy

(Pulmonary Rehabilitation)


Scheduled within 48 hours • Reports within 48 hours • Authorizations

State of the Art Facility • Complimentary Transportation

Complimentary Translation Services


AMT is Medicare and AHCCS certified.


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