A new approach to managing sleep disorders.

RejuveNight Sleep Assessment Laboratories is a freestanding, state of the art facility offering sleep diagnostic testing, as well as ground breaking clinical research studies.

REJUVENIGHT offers Physicians:
  • Fast efficient scheduling

  • Quick turn-around of interpreted results

  • All your polysomnography needs


Diagnostic Polysomnography

CPAP Bi-level Titration

MSLT / MWT for Hypersomnolence, Narcolepsy and to verify daytime fatigue

Daytime testing

  • Interpretation by a board certified physiciain

  • Screening tools for Polysomnographic assessment of your patients..

REJUVENIGHT offers Patients:
  • A hotel-like, comfortable setting

  • Complimentary transportation to and from our site, if needed

  • Experienced registered technologists

  • Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility ( CORF) and durable medical equipment (DME) provider on-site

  • Convenient Phoenix location

  • Opportunities to participate in ground-breaking sleep research at our center


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